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Nino Fisher

"I have had a very satisfying relationship with Nino Fisher and her caregivers for over three years. My husband, now ninety yers old, has Alzheimers Disease which has progressed to a point where we needed considerable help in the basic tasks of life.

Nino Fisher herself is an extraordinarily competent manager in the difficult business off finding and training caregivers; interviewing families to determine which caregiver would be most appropriate for the particular needs of the client; and follow-up with clients and caregivers to be sure the relationships and work are proceeding as expected.


We have enjoyed caregivers, men and women, that have worked both hourly and 24/7 when needed. All have been professional, experienced, patient, and friendly. We have needed help in bathing, toileting, dressing, food preparation, shopping, help in getting to doctors appointments given ambulatory difficulties. 

Companionship has been very important; exercising the mental capabilities of the patient as well as physical; providing some entertainment. We have needed light housekeeping, and help with laundry.

I have felt confident that Nino Fisher's caregivers would be competent in all caregiving necessities including knowledge of emergency response and first aid; health and safety standards; and the they would be able to act quickly and responsible in case of emergency.

I would be happy to talk with anyone who might appreciate more information. I have been more than satisfied. I have had wonderful relationships with Nino Fisher and her caregivers."

                                               Lucy Noyes

                                            # 505-280-8352

My brother approached Nino for support for my aging father and within days we had interviewed, hired and met darling caregiver that my father took to right away. The caregiver is delightful, efficient and takes care of my father extremely well. He is 96  and has short term memory issues and although he isn't a difficult person to care for, like most people at his age he has his needs. She manages to beguile him into taking walks, and tries to stimulate him mentally and physically.

Nino and her process was simple and efficient. We would recommend her to anyone looking for caregiver support. We were able to manage most of the process over the phone quickly and effectively.
If ever we need additional support we will go through Nino again without hesitation.

                                                      Joelle Perez




"Dear Nino,
Thank you so much for finding the perfect caregiver for our father.    My father who had a stroke and was recently diagnosed with dementia is not easy to take care of. Roula is hardworking and very nurturing. She has not left my father's side since she started working for us.  He has now  become more social and is very content. We appreciate all of her efforts to making my father feel comfortable regardless of his disabilities."

Penny and Antonia Pylarinos


"Dear Nino,

Thank you for your services! You provided my parents with such quality care during their final years. From the many aids you sent to their house when they lived in Upper Nyack to Mariam who lived with us in Washingotnville until moms final days. You helped us through a rough time  with quality aids at an affordable price. 

I cannot thank you enough for your reliability and quality of the aides you sent to me. I can only recommend your services to anyone who is looking for care for a loved one in a time of need.

once again thank you! "

Sencerele, Patricia Gorman

# 845-614-5527

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