Bio for Nino Fisher

I was born in the Republic of Georgia where my family still lives. I was

educated there. I immigrated to the United

States twenty years ago and have lived and worked mostly in New York,

although I have traveled widely. I have done whatever work was available,

as that is what I had to do. I am a survivor. I appreciate everything I have

learned here and am grateful for the opportunities I have had in this

fascinating multicultural place.

 Having been a caregiver myself for many years, I have gotten to know many amazing caregivers here who often have a hard time finding jobs. Therefore a number of years ago I began to take on the work myself of helping them to find work. This gave me an opportunity to start my own business. Something I always wanted to do. 

Even though I own a referral agency, I still take time to teach essential skills to some caregivers who I know can add value to the lives of our clients. In many cases training them in some of the ways of the American culture and in particular some of the things I have learned myself through my training as a certified personal trainer who has designed programs for adults, children,the infirm, overweight and the elderly. 

Some of the things I teach caregivers are:

  • Exercise programs to meet specific needs

  • Meal planning and nutrition; cooking special meals.

  • Daily activities which can be done with the clients to entertain and enrich their lives such as music, movies, places to visit, and other activities outdoors

  • Some computer skills particularly Internet Research

  • Energetic approaches to caregiving and good listening skills

  • Medical protocols

  • Emergency care

 "I like caregivers who are willing to go the extra mile. Caregivers who create comfortable safe-home environment show a level of compassion and vigilance for their patient's welfare that is important as any other aspect of competent healthcare."


I am well-read, artistic, an excellent manager, a personable, caring and nurturing human being. I speak several languages and have good communication skills. I spend a lot of time talking with the families that need caregivers to determine which one will fit their needs. I am always available to the families as well as the caregivers. I am accustomed to handling sensitive confidential situations.


On the personal level, I love the outdoors - the sun, rain, snow; walking, running, hiking, climbing; working with the soil. I love plants, animals, forests, mountains, meadows, rivers and the sea. The outdoors gives me joy, peace and tranquility.  The outdoors is my heaven on earth! So is art — the appreciation of it and the creation of it. I love designing fashion and Jewelry.



-I am a natural caregiver -


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