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The cost of care relative to individual's financial resources is often the greatest obstacle, and concern when looking to hire a caregiver. Nino Fisher Inc referral agency has become widely noted for creative and caring approach. Your cost is the wages and benefits that are agreed upon by you and the caregiver; and Nino Fisher Inc referral agency fee for making that referral.

Nino Fisher Inc referral agency doesn't become the employer of record; we do not set wages and benefits, or assume responsibility for paying, training and supervising the applicants we refer. Patients and caregivers are our clients. Families indicate what they will pay. Caregivers indicate what wage they are requesting, If it's a reasonable exception for that job and we have a caregiver who meets the criteria, we proceed by setting up an interview. At the time of the interview and prior to hiring, clients and applicants negotiate wages, days off, holidays, vacations, carfare and any other benefits.

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